Our Team

We write, we edit, we train you to present and to use technology.
Our team can prepare you for anything from a book launch to an academic paper to a sales seminar.
From wedding speeches to corporate presentations at the highest levels, we make your public speaking painless!

  • We write speeches - personal and corporate.
  • We edit speeches, press releases, books, sales campaigns, any written material.
  • We train you to deliver your speech and to use a microphone properly.
  • We help you with all your technology needs such as powerpoint and other media.
  • Our team do retail management "Express reviews" of your staff and how they deal with customers.


Our experts come from the fields of journalism, law, teaching, technology and live performance.
At Painless Public Speaking there is an expert to help you with your own specialised needs - personally.


OUR PARTNERS: Recommended experts in their field - Entertainment, Recording, Youth skills
Painless Public Speaking has select partners in other fields who meet our standards of excellence.

Entertainment   Quality, tailored entertainment for your functions.
Create personal or corporate events that will entertain, integrate and inspire.
Do you need someone to welcome your guests? Do you need a show for a large scale event?
Have you considered a Murder Mystery? Looking for team building ideas with a difference?
How about some hilarious hosts or characters to spice up an event?
A vast range of entertainment options and unique event ideas for both corporate and private functions.

Recording   Record your speech, your composition, your choir.
In studio or at your venue.

Youth    Word skills begin early.
Spellmasters is a not-for-profit organisation which helps to promote English language skills as well as self esteem and confidence.

Spellmasters provides young Australians up to Year 9 with the opportunity to participate in spelling competitions that will help to improve their understanding of the English language, their spelling techniques and in consequence their comprehension, and communication skills. Involvement in Spellmasters also helps to develop students’ self-esteem, confidence, and interpersonal skills by encouraging the development of goals, personal targets, learning strategies and by exposing students to positive role models, tutors and like-minded students throughout the course of their preparation and participation in the championship.

Spellmasters endeavours to promote community-based partnerships by engaging members of various communities in advancing the benefits of the literacy basics, encouraging youth involvement and promoting the importance of education, especially reading comprehension and spelling. Spellmasters sees one of its key roles as supporting the academic growth of students, especially in the areas of reading comprehension and spelling, through collaborative partnerships with libraries, community minded businesses, individual schools and community-based educational programs.

We prefer bookings to be done by email.
To book a session with any team member:
email bookings@publicspeaking.com.au
Phone (03) 9528-2188
Fax (03) 9528-6487

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